How to cross post your blog to Medium and LinkedIn

You’ve likely heard about Medium and Linkedin Pulse, and may have even considered blogging there directly instead of setting up a blog, but there is no reason you can’t have the best of all three worlds. In this post I’d like to share how to cross post your blog to both Medium and LinkedIn, and why you should do so.

Why cross post to Medium and LinkedIn?

Medium and Linkedin Pulse are established blogging communities that can provide a huge opportunity for you to get your content across to a much wider audience than you would otherwise have access too, especially if you already have connections and followers on either platform. By cross posting your blog posts to these two platforms you have the potential to increase your audience and exposure, and also drive traffic to your blog.

When setting up your blog initially, you’ll have little traffic and SEO authority so it’s going to be difficult for people to come across it. You can share links directly on your existing social media channels to get some initial exposure (otherwise I’m gonna assume you’ll have pretty much 0 traffic), but by using these existing platforms you can get a simple boost of traffic for your site, with very little effort.

As an example, let’s take a look at my first post, How to set up a simple blog using Jekyll, Github Pages, and I posted this initially on the 1st of February, and this resulted in.. well like I said above, pretty much 0 traffic as you can see below. Post this, we can see a big jump in traffic on the 9th Feb (when I shared the post to my social media channels), and then some traffic trickling in following.

Why cross post to Medium and LinkedIn

Now this additional trickle of traffic that started coming in after the 15th of February is actually mostly from LinkedIn (which is when I cross posted to both LinkedIn and Medium). Thanks to my small amount of existing connections on LinkedIn, LinkedIn ended up driving just shy of 20% of the entire posts traffic to date. Go LinkedIn! Medium didn’t work out so well for me yet, but if you’re an active Medium user you might see better results.

Now, driving traffic to your own blog isn’t the only benefit. This only accounts for people who actually clicked through a link on your post to your blog! There’s still going to be plenty more eyes on your content on either platform that don’t click through which althought doesn’t give you traffic is great exposure for your name and content regardless. I had a total of 69 views of my post on LinkedIn which is actually more than the total on my blog (lol).

Medium and LinkedIn also have inbuilt sharing/resharing mechanics that can help your post ‘get viral’ much quicker than it otherwise would if they were sharing a link from another website. The unfortunate truth is that people prefer interacting with content within the platform they are already on (and there are already heaps of people already on both Medium and LinkedIn). ;)

How to actually do it?

If you were hoping there was gonna be some magic automatic way to post everything from your blog to both platforms I’m here to disappoint you. I myself was disappointed, but hey. It’s not actually hard at all. If you’re not already on Medium or LinkedIn then it’s super easy to sign up and if you are then you’re already ready to go!

To put it simply, cross posting to these other platforms requires you to copy and paste the content from your original blog post to the others. Simple, and takes two minutes! Even easier if you’re also already using Jekyll / to write your original content as Medium and LinkedIn both support markdown, so you don’t have to fiddle around fixing formatting.

LinkedIn LinkedIn

You’ll find the ‘write an article’ button pretty easily on LinkedIn’s homepage after signing in, and it’s the same for Medium. After tapping those, you’ll be taken to their post editor where you can copy and paste your markdown from your post written in to there. Tap the ‘publish’ button and you’re pretty much done! Easy peasy, ya?

Medium Medium

Wait though! If you wanna get that little traffic boost I mentioned for your original blog you’ve got to do a little bit of extra writing before you hit that publish button. Now, people might love your content so much, they want to see more of it, so why not help them out by adding a paragraph at the bottom of your newly written post telling them where to find it? Here’s my example (which I can probably improve on too, but we’ll get there).

Reference back to your original post

Won’t this mess with my SEO?!

You might be concerned how cross posting your blog to other platforms might affect your SEO due to duplicate content, but don’t worry! According to this video duplicate content should not going to affect your search ranking much, to make sure of that, we suggest you follow these few tips.

  1. Keep your blog as your ‘main’ content source. Post on your blog first! Then drive traffic there from other platforms.
  2. Share your original blog post link on your social channels. Drive people on social back to the original post, instead of sharing the Medium or LinkedIn link.
  3. Post to other platforms after you post to your blog. I would suggest posting to LinkedIn and Medium a few days after your initial post is published and shared on your Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  4. Keep you content original and don’t keyword stuff it or try and overcompensate. Google will pick up ‘spammy’ content and this can affect SEO ranking, especially if it’s share all over.

If you stick to these simple rules, your blog should hopefully still rank highest in Google search results (although Medium and LinkedIn may overtake your original post due to their high authority) and you won’t need to worry about any impact to your SEO, apart from the extra traffic and referalls you’ll get. ;)

That’s it!

It’s a simple copy and paste trick but depending on your existing network and connections on LinkedIn and Medium it could be a quick and easy win to increase traffic to your blog and maximise the eyes you get on your original content.

If you really want to go for it, you can add Quora and Svbtle into the mix as well for an extra boost. See what works for you, and try to utilise any existing networks you have to get the most out of your content! Happy posting.